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How can I bounce back after a divorce?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Oregon, you may be wondering what comes next. In fact, the period just after a divorce can be the most challenging as you become acquainted with your new life. WebMD offers the following tips in this case, which will help you recover from the emotional aspects divorce.

Talking to your child about divorce

Ending your marriage can be hard for many reasons and we have gone over some of the family law-related challenges that people encounter, whether they struggle to make their child support payments on time or face hurdles related to the custody of their children. In fact, divorce can be hard solely because of the impact it may have on a child's life. As a parent, you may be concerned about how ending your marriage could affect your child, which underlines the importance of approaching divorce carefully. Fortunately, there are a number of ways parents can make these changes easier for a child.

The consequences of neglecting to pay child

Many different family law issues can create high levels of anxiety and pose challenges, but child support is especially difficult for many parents to work through. On the one hand, a custodial parent could struggle with their child's other parent failing to pay what they owe. At the same time, non-custodial parents also face challenges in this regard, especially if they have lost a job or are suffering from a health condition that caught them off-guard. Unfortunately, a number of problems may appear when child support is not paid, making life hard for custodial and non-custodial parents alike.

How using social media can complicate divorce

If you, like many others across Oregon, are beginning to navigate your way through a divorce, you may be relying on social media more than ever to help cultivate your remaining relationships or find a source of support. Depending on exactly how you use it, though, social media can have a substantial and negative impact on your divorce. At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, we have a firm understanding of how your use of social media can affect divorce proceedings, and we have helped many clients navigate separations, divorces and related family law matters.

Mentally recovering from the end of marriage

Often, when people consider various issues related to divorce, they think about the legal ramifications associated with the end of marriage, matters involving children (child support, custody, changes in a child’s life, etc.) or the financial consequences of divorce such as property distribution and alimony. While these are all important topics that many couples have to work through, there are other ways that someone’s divorce may affect them. For example, someone could be affected from an emotional standpoint and have a hard time with depression or anxiety.

Tips on Handling a Difficult Divorce

While divorce is rarely easy, in some cases it can be highly stress inducing. High conflict divorces fall into this category, and conflict can become even greater if one or both parties fail to see eye to eye on major issues. If you’re going through a difficult divorce in Oregon, the following tips from Psychology Today can help you navigate the process.

Tips on Creating a Solid Parenting Plan During Your Divorce

Even if you and you spouse decide to call it quits, you’ll still need to make important decisions regarding your children. In this case, a parenting plan can be a good option, as it will allow you to specify obligations and responsibilities, while also offering a framework for child-rearing in the future. Divorcemagazine.com offers the following tips to divorcing parents concerned about how to go about their duties.

How can I save money on my divorce?

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce and money is an issue, you may decide to work out an “amicable divorce” in Oregon courts to save on legal fees. While some may tell you there is no such thing as a friendly parting of spouses, others believe they can work through the divorce process and still remain friends.

Spousal support is tax deductible, but not in divorces after 2018

Spousal support is not awarded in every divorce. When it is, many different factors go into the ultimate amount that one ex-spouse will pay to the other. The length of the marriage, the health of the splitting spouses and the financial potential of each spouse are just three of many relevant factors.

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