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Manslaughter charges in the state of Oregon

Regardless of their intent, causing the death of another person in Oregon without just cause could lead to serious criminal charges. Should they find themselves involved in a fatal crash or another such incident, it may be helpful for people to understand the state‚Äôs manslaughter laws. 

Why your Miranda rights are so important

When Oregon residents come to Van Ness Williamson LLP looking for a criminal defense attorney to defend them against the charges they face, we find all too often that they voluntary talked to law enforcement officers before talking to us. Usually this is a mistake, and sometimes it is a big mistake. Since so many people, however, erroneously believe that the law requires them to answer any question an officer asks them, we thought we should write this blog post telling you that you never have to voluntarily speak with the police and why this is so.

Will a criminal record prevent me from finding employment?

Prospective employers strive to get to know applicants during the interview process. For people with criminal records, this can be an intimidating prospect. There is a stigma surrounding prior incarcerations, one that can be very difficult for most people to overcome. However, there are steps you can take to improve your chance of gaining employment despite a past criminal history, as explained by Monster.com.

Defining crimes of moral turpitude

One of the grounds for revoking or denying a green card is a conviction of a crime of moral turpitude. This is not an actual crime that you would be charged with in Oregon. It is more of a descriptor for various crimes. It is a term used to describe different types of crimes. Generally speaking, the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund describes them as any crime that goes against accepted morality.

What Happens During Deportation?

If you are from another country and living in Oregon, you should be aware of the deportation process. This entails removing a foreign person from the United States, usually due to a violation of immigration law or as a result of criminal acts. USA.gov offers the following information to help foreign nationals currently living in the U.S. understand the deportation and what it entails.

Defining the proper use of self-defense

It is easy for people to roll their eyes when someone in Salem offers up self-defense as justification in an assault case. That was the common reaction amongst several of those that we here at Van Ness, Williamson LLP have worked with before they were actually placed in a situation where reactive force was warranted. If you found yourself in a scenario where you or others felt threatened, and you reacted in a way that now has you facing criminal charges, understanding when the law allows you to use force may be the key to successfully defending yourself. 

Threats of OSU campus shooting lead to arrest in Corvallis

The number of school shootings seen in recent years has served to heighten the collective consciousness of people both in Salem and throughout the rest of the country. As these events take place, special attention is often paid to the subtle clues perpetrators may have given prior to carrying out the acts, and how such indicators may be identified in order to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. While it is perfectly reasonable to expect that law enforcement officials will take any perceived threats of violence (no matter where they may potentially occur) seriously, it should also be remembered that words may not always lead to actions. 

Oregon: a "sanctuary state"

In recent years, immigration has been in the news lots, with controversies on all sides of the debate. In 2017, Oregon found itself in the middle of it all because of a 30-year-old incident in a local restaurant. The commotion had come about when deputies questioned immigrants about their legal status without having any other complaint against them.

Threat lands high school student in hot water

If many of the adults living in Salem were afforded the opportunity to transport back in time to speak to the younger versions of themselves, they likely would take the chance to impart some sage advice. Often, experience teaches everyone lessons that are not always appreciated by those who have yet to go through similar circumstances. Thus, those lacking life experience (kids and teens in particular) will sometimes engage in conduct that could leave them facing consequences that they cannot comprehend. What they may view as harmless fun, others may see as a serious threat to their safety. 

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