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What factors determine how much you pay for child support

If you and your spouse have had children together in Oregon, if you choose to get a divorce, you will need to establish an agreement that discusses how your children will be cared for, by whom and how custody will be shared. This agreement may require that you pay so much each month for child support. Courts figure how much you will be required to pay by looking at several variables. 

Successfully preparing for a custody dispute

When it comes to divorce issues, people face a myriad of challenges beforehand, during their divorce and afterward. In this post, we will look into some ways that people may be able to prepare themselves for a dispute over the custody of their children. Our law office recognizes that child custody can be a very sensitive topic for parents and these disputes can lead to many different emotions, from being upset or stressed out during a dispute to being elated over a court’s decision. However, it is extremely important to maintain your emotions, focus on the options you may have and work through this facet of family law properly.

How can I answer my children’s questions about divorce?

It’s natural that your children will have many questions about your divorce, some of which may be tough to answer. However, it’s important that fully address your child’s concerns when separating, as doing so will provide reassurance in the face of an uncertain future. Because many parents struggle with talking to their kids about divorce, Parents offers the following tips.

How to navigate child custody issues effectively

If you share custody with your ex, navigating conflict is rarely easy. While there may be disputes and disagreements about what’s best for your child, the way you handle these issues can have a real impact on the outcome. Psychology Today recommends the following tips in the event you find yourself at odds with your former spouse about child-rearing issues.

What are the types of custody?

When you have children and your relationship ends with the other parent, typically, you will need to establish some type of custody arrangement. It is often in your best interests to do so through the court. If you are getting a divorce in Oregon, this is handled as part of that process. If you were not married, then you need to take the initiative to start court proceedings.

Modifying your Oregon child support order

If you are an Oregon parent and you either pay or receive child support, a time may come when you need to modify the amount determined when your child support order initially took effect. Maybe you now have more children to support, or perhaps your child has medical needs he or she did not when the two of you originally determined the amount of your child support order. Regardless of your reasoning for desiring a child support modification, however, there is certain criteria you must meet to do so. At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, we have a comprehensive understanding of Oregon’s child support modification process, and we have helped many clients who desired changes find solutions that meet their needs.

How Is Child Custody Determined in Oregon?

If you’re going through a divorce in Oregon and you have children, decisions about child custody are likely on your mind. As a result, many parents wonder just how the court determines which parent receives primary custody, and what exactly that entails. The Oregon State Bar offers the following information on what goes into making custody decisions in the state.

How can you make your divorce easier on the children?

Your divorce is likely to be one of the most emotionally challenging times of your life, regardless of how well you and your spouse get along. Divorce is even harder on children. It can be upsetting and traumatic to see their parents living in different places, as well as confusing when they are expected to split their time between homes. You and other Oregon parents may wonder how to make this period less conflicting for your children.

When a custody dispute gets out of hand

We know how hard life can be for parents who are working their way through a bitter divorce. From disagreements involving the distribution of marital property and worries about paying or even receiving child support to uncertainty about their future, the end of marriage is often a major life change for both parties. However, issues involving the custody of children can be especially hard for custodial and non-custodial parents, not to mention their children. If you are involved in a custody dispute that has become hostile or taken a turn for the worse, you should carefully review which options you have and strive to protect your child's best interests.

How is a child support amount calculated?

For residents of Oregon, resources have been made available to parents who are seeking financial assistance in the form of child support. According to the state's Department of Justice, the Oregon Child Support Program is in place to help parents figure out exactly how much support one parent needs to pay to the other in order to best fill the needs of the child in question.

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