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Who covers the child's medical expenses?

If you have children and you get divorced in Oregon, you will have to make a lot of decisions about who handles what in regards to them moving forward. Besides child support and custody, you also need to think about medical expenses as these are now included in support orders. According to the Department of Justice, the court arranges medical expenses when it sets child support.

The state guidelines dictate that parents must share in medical costs. The court may set this up in different ways. One of you may pay the medical costs upfront with a deduction in any support you pay. This often happens when one of you has health insurance coverage available through an employer.

Qualifications for record expungement

You may have trouble qualifying for a loan or lease and getting a job in Oregon if you have a criminal conviction. At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, we have experience helping clients clear their records.

According to the Oregon State Bar, you may apply to have convictions set aside for Class C felonies, misdemeanors and felonies that can be treated as misdemeanors after a three-year waiting period. The qualifications for clearing your record are as follows:

  • No current litigation exists
  • No other conviction has been set aside in the last ten years
  • There is no non-traffic conviction in the last ten years
  • You met all court-imposed requirements
  • Your probation is complete

How can I deal with conflict over the holidays?

Many families in Oregon face a great deal of stress around the holidays. This is especially true just after a divorce, which can cause tempers to flare when visiting relatives. There are steps you can take to mitigate conflict however, as illustrated by VeryWellMind.com.

Spend time with friends

Know how to recognize embezzlement

People who run their own business in Oregon may find it difficult to imagine that one of their employees might steal from the company. Sometimes this happens, though, and it is important for business owners to recognize the signs of embezzlement so they can take action.

People can only recognize embezzlement if they know what it is. According to the Legal Information Institute, embezzlement occurs when an employee steals money or other assets from a company. People may steal a large amount of money and promptly leave. Sometimes, though, a person may take small amounts of money or goods from the company over a prolonged period of time. Even if someone does not keep the stolen goods or money but instead transfers them to an outside party, this theft is still considered embezzlement.

What to consider when starting a business

You might want to rush into starting a company so you can begin profiting from your good idea, but do not be too hasty. Starting a business requires thoughtfulness and careful consideration. These are a few elements you should consider when beginning your new venture.

Create a plan

What is the best interest of the child?

When you are dealing with child custody and visitation issues in Oregon, you will likely hear the phrase "in the best interest of the child." This is the basis upon which the court makes all decisions regarding a child. Essentially, it means whatever is best for your child without any consideration about what is best for the parents, according to the Oregon State Bar. The court focuses on only on your child. It expects you will as well.

When the court makes any decision regarding custody or visitation, it will consider a range of things to ensure the decision made is what is best for the child. It will consider the child's opinions and feelings on who he or she wants to live with and whether he or she wants to visit with the other parent. It will also look into any abuse or other issues that may negatively affect your child.

You can create a visitation schedule that works for everyone

As you and your spouse are continuing to work your way toward finalizing your divorce, one of the most challenging aspects of planning that you will face is negotiating the custody and care of your children. At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, we have helped many couples in Oregon to find effective ways of coordinating a child custody plan that works for every party that is involved. 

While it would be ideal for you to have a parenting plan and visitation schedule that work perfectly with your daily routine and needs, when there is more than one parent involved chances are you will need to show a degree of flexibility. The sooner you recognize that you will need to give and take as you work to negotiate the terms of your child's visitation schedule, the happier you will be. 

Filing a small estate affidavit in Oregon

Before your loved one passed away, he or she identified you as their personal representative to manage their affairs. You have the responsibility of distributing assets to beneficiaries, assisting with overseeing paying debts and bills, as well as selling property as needed. You know that your loved one did not have substantial property, and you wonder whether you can avoid the probate process in Oregon.

The small estate affidavit, or the “Affidavit of Claiming Successor”, is a quick process that replaces the probate procedure if the total amount of your loved one’s assets meets certain requirements. Avoiding the probate process involves your loved one’s beneficiaries receiving their assets quickly after his or her death. You must follow specific steps and analyze your loved one’s property value, but the small estate affidavit can have the distribution procedure finished in as little as a few weeks. When dealing with a family member’s affairs, it is important that you speak with an experienced estate planning attorney, so that he or she can offer advice and help ensure you provide all necessary documents for a legal small estate affidavit.

Will a criminal record prevent me from finding employment?

Prospective employers strive to get to know applicants during the interview process. For people with criminal records, this can be an intimidating prospect. There is a stigma surrounding prior incarcerations, one that can be very difficult for most people to overcome. However, there are steps you can take to improve your chance of gaining employment despite a past criminal history, as explained by Monster.com.

First and foremost, never attempt to lie or hide a past criminal conviction. This information is easily searchable, and most employers conduct searches of criminal records during the hiring process. Attempting to conceal information will only make it look as though you have something to hide, which will put off many employers. It will also make you appear dishonest, which many workplaces will look at as a red flag.

Cancelling vacation plans over your divorce

Splitting up with a spouse can lead to many different concerns, whether they are financial in nature or involve your kids. Other issues may arise as well, such as changes to your life and your plans. For example, if you have been planning on going on a trip for months or maybe even years, your divorce could have an impact on the trip in all sorts of ways. Whether your vacation is cancelled or you are unable to enjoy yourself due to divorce-related stress, you should be mindful of these matters as well.

First of all, people should not feel as if they are forced to remain in a toxic marriage solely because their life will be upended due to divorce. Unfortunately, some people do, even though there may be ways for them to work through the divorce process with less stress and fewer complications. Some people can collaborate with their spouse to end the marriage amicably, while others can gain a clearer understanding of their legal rights and divorce options in order to work towards a better outcome.

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