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Defining crimes of moral turpitude

One of the grounds for revoking or denying a green card is a conviction of a crime of moral turpitude. This is not an actual crime that you would be charged with in Oregon. It is more of a descriptor for various crimes. It is a term used to describe different types of crimes. Generally speaking, the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund describes them as any crime that goes against accepted morality.

That can be difficult to understand because most people would think any crime would be morally wrong. However, crimes of moral turpitude are usually the worst crimes. They are considered to have evil intent and intrinsically wrong. The conflict with the basic moral code that the general public. Some examples include assault, crimes against minors, murder, sexual crimes and robbery. Some white-collar crimes are also including in this definition, such as fraud, bribery and extortion. Crimes of moral turpitude can be against property or people. They also are often aggressive in nature or aggravated.

What’s the difference between divorce and annulment?

When couples in Oregon can’t see eye to eye on major issues, one or both parties may seek out a divorce. Annulment is another option for legally ending a marriage, one that can be quite difficult to obtain when certain criteria are not met. VeryWellFamily.com explains the differences between divorce and annulment so you can determine whether this option is right for you.

How an annulment is defined

How are guns handled in marital property division?

Though you may register a gun in your name, if you purchase the gun with marital funds (during your marriage), the asset is considered marital property. Marital property is subject to property division in a divorce.

Read on to learn more about how guns can be handled through marital property division.

How can I answer my children’s questions about divorce?

It’s natural that your children will have many questions about your divorce, some of which may be tough to answer. However, it’s important that fully address your child’s concerns when separating, as doing so will provide reassurance in the face of an uncertain future. Because many parents struggle with talking to their kids about divorce, Parents offers the following tips.

Keep age in mind

How can I prevent my ideas from being stolen?

For entrepreneurs in Oregon, good ideas often mean success. That’s why it’s crucial that you protect your ideas against theft, which can result in your competitors using your hard work and ingenuity against you. CNN.com offers the following tips, which will help you keep your most lucrative ideas safe and secure.

File for a provisional patent application

What does a prenuptial agreement cover?

While it may be tough for Oregon couples to consider, having a prenuptial agreement in place is a good idea in many situations. A solid prenup can protect your interests in the event your marriage ends and can also help you and your soon-to-be spouse discuss important topics before actually taking the plunge into wedded bliss. Forbes offers the following information, which explains what type of protection a prenup can offer.

Clauses regarding the shared home are often included within a prenup. This document can also delineate what property is shared and what is separately owned (and not subject to division upon divorce). Language on infidelity also features heavily. For instance, you can include a clause that states your spouse is not eligible for support or a portion of shared assets if he or she was unfaithful during the course of a marriage.

Defending from a strong position

At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, we represent Oregon companies and entrepreneurs with the understanding that, sometimes, invoking the law is a part of doing business. Business litigation is not all breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and product liability cases. Sometimes, you might need to clearly communicate to an adversary that you are serious about pursuing a position and that you are ready to take your issue to court if necessary. Sometimes, you might need to defend yourself from opponents who seem poised to start hurling their spurious accusations in a formal manner. 

We take the law very seriously. We are proud to defend our business clients from attackers who believe that the courtroom is simply another bargaining table. Our aim as business litigation defenders is always to take care of frivolous lawsuits in the manner most appropriate: thoroughly and efficiently. 

Tips for co-parenting as kids heading back to school

Summer is coming to an end which means the kids will head back to school in the coming weeks. For divorced parents, navigating shared parental responsibilities during the school year brings a wealth of new challenges.

Maintaining a shared schedule, keeping up with assignments and sharing pick-up/drop-off duties are just a few of the added hurdles for co-parents starting with the back-to-school season. To manage the many elements of co-parenting school-aged children, consider a few helpful tips and tools.

How to create a valid NDA

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) keeps confidential information secure when shared with other parties. Ensuring that an NDA is enforceable is key in this case, as an invalid agreement will be of little help to your or your business. To make certain your agreement is legally sound, Forbes offers the following tips.

Know How Confidentiality Works

How to navigate child custody issues effectively

If you share custody with your ex, navigating conflict is rarely easy. While there may be disputes and disagreements about what’s best for your child, the way you handle these issues can have a real impact on the outcome. Psychology Today recommends the following tips in the event you find yourself at odds with your former spouse about child-rearing issues.

Put Your Kids First

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