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Probate in Oregon is not a complicated process. However, it can become complicated — and expensive — if you make a mistake.

At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, our lawyers guide personal representatives and executors in Salem and northwest Oregon through the Oregon probate process. We also represent people from other states when the estate includes property in Oregon.

Protecting You From The Cost Of Probate Mistakes

Not all estates need to go through the probate process. For example, life insurance benefits and 401(k) accounts can be distributed directly to beneficiaries. Assets held in trust do not need to go through probate. In addition, estates under $50,000 can be distributed to beneficiaries using a simplified process using what is known as a small estate affidavit.

When probate is required, it does not need to be time-consuming or expensive. If done correctly, it can be completed in about four months. Steps of probate include:

  • Taking control of assets
  • Posting notice of the probate proceeding so creditors can submit bills
  • Paying legitimate bills
  • Paying taxes
  • Distributing assets to those who are entitled to have them
  • Providing an accounting to the court

Mistakes, unfortunately, can lead to additional costs and delays. They can also lead to liability for the person administering the estate.

Protecting Your Interests In Probate Litigation

Our lawyers represent personal representatives, executors, beneficiaries and family members in disputes such as will contests and misuse of assets by a fiduciary. We also supervise the probate process for beneficiaries to protect their interests.

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