Changing Child Custody And Support In Oregon

A person's family and financial circumstances can change over time. If your circumstances change, so can your child custody and support orders.

At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, our lawyers help mothers and fathers obtain modifications to child custody, support and alimony orders. From our law office in Salem, we represent clients throughout northwest Oregon.

When Can Child Support Change?

The following are examples of the times when you may be able to change child support in Oregon:

  • Job loss
  • The payer's income increases or decreases significantly
  • The child's needs change
  • The payer has additional children to support

Either side may request that child support be recalculated based on the new circumstances.

When Can Child Custody Be Changed?

Oregon bases child custody decisions on the best interests of the children. If something has changed since your divorce that affects your children, you may be able to get a new child custody or visitation order. Here are some examples of the times when custody may be changed:

  • A child has problems at school or home.
  • A parent's behavior puts children at risk.
  • An older child wishes to live with a different parent.
  • A parent with primary custody wishes to relocate.

When Can Alimony Be Changed?

In Oregon, alimony may be permanent or transitional to give a spouse time to become self-sufficient. Our attorneys can review your alimony order and let you know when and if it can be changed. As a rule, alimony payments can end if the recipient marries or cohabitates with another person.

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  • Modification of custody, parenting time and child support
  • FAPA hearings
  • Stalking order hearings

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