Who Will Have Custody Of My Children After Divorce?

You may have heard that mothers generally receive custody of children following divorce, and that fathers have visitation rights every other weekend. While this was often the case in the past, today many other child custody arrangements are possible.

At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, our attorneys are here to help you reach your child custody goals. We often represent fathers who want to have joint or primary custody of children. We also represent parents who wish to have sole custody due to issues such as abuse or domestic violence. From our law office in Salem, we serve clients throughout northwest Oregon.

Meeting The Best Interests Of Your Children

Oregon law bases child custody decisions not necessarily on what the parents want, but on what is in the best interests of the children. As a rule, courts favor frequent and continuing contact with both parents unless there are strong reasons why one parent should have limited contact.

Many fathers in northwest Oregon turn to Van Ness, Williamson LLP to protect their rights. We fight for custody rights for fathers and are often successful. We also help mothers protect their rights.

Child support in Oregon is determined by a formula that considers the parents' incomes and the amount of time they have the children. The parent with visitation rights typically pays child support to the parent with residential custody. In cases of 50-50 joint custody, neither parent may have to pay child support.

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