Helping Oregon Families Grow Through Adoption

Adoption is a joyous time. You are bringing a new member into your family and creating a positive future for a child. However, there are legal issues that must be resolved — such as terminating the rights of a biological parent — to ensure the occasion remains a joyous one.

At Van Ness, Williamson LLP, our lawyers are here to handle the legal issues in your adoption so you can concentrate on building your expanded family. From our law office in Salem, we handle adoptions throughout northwest Oregon.

Stepparent, Family And Foster Parent Adoptions

Our attorneys help stepparents, grandparents, family members and foster parents adopt a child when the biological parent is no longer in the picture. Often, these types of adoption provide legal status of a parent-child relationship that already exists.

Adoptions are sometimes called adoption terminations, because the biological parent's rights must be fully and finally terminated before the adoption can take place.

Private And Open Adoptions

A private adoption is a contract between birth parents or a surrogate and the adoptive parents. Our attorneys will help you terminate the rights of the birth parents so the adoption cannot be challenged by the birth parent at a later time.

Adoptions can be closed or open. A closed adoption is confidential, and there is no contact or information-sharing between the child and the birth parents. Adoptions can also be open, allowing the birth parent and the child to maintain some degree of contact, from sharing information about the biological parent to allowing structured contact.

Service Areas

  • Private adoptions
  • Independent adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • ICWA adoptions

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